Tuesday, April 14, 2009

here's how it all begins

Pretty provocative, huh?  And really pretty vague.  But tomorrow, when our newest adventures in TV Weaseldom actually begin, it will all start to make sense.  Or not.

Big news, so far--Don found 76 cents in a Starbucks chair!  And our swanky Town & Country van (thanks to Jake at Avis) has back windows that actually roll down.  With new HD cameras and just enough knowledge to be dangerous, Indiana here we come.

Music in the van (besides some Heep on XM radio)
Randy Newman "Harps and Angels", Neko Case "Middle Cyclone," 
Alejandro Escovedo Tribute "Por Vida"


Out And About... said...

woo-hoo - can't wait for some new segments, and Indiana - I can only imagine the interesting things you'll find there - bon voyage - keep in touch

Auntie Alvira said...

Yeah! New adventures! Sending some more virtual hugs! Grandma Beth