Thursday, September 14, 2006

royal tree-tment

Well, look at this.  The TV Weasels are still on the loose.  And looking down on the world from up above for a change!  That’s Mike showing his complete command of heights at the Out ‘N About Treehouse Resort outside Takilma, OR.  As the name implies, its owner Michael Garnier has, as he put it, “found a way to make a living doing something fun.”  He’s built a series of treehouses around the property, ranging from romantic little  passion perches to a split-level Swiss Family Treehouse.  He’s also got horses, a stream fed swimming pool and zip lines for racing through the trees at breakneck speed.  Score one for “Strap Me In & Let Me Go” Murphy there too!  

All this action actually occurred yesterday, as did a visit to the giant Caveman and Cowboy Corral Muffler Man in Grant’s Pass, but computer issues put the kabosh on this overdue blog--until now.  

Today also turned out to be quite tree-centric, with a trip down scenic 101 into northern California that detoured into a redwood grove near Klamath for what else--some quick forest catch.  When the ball rolled into the woods, we expected Bigfoot might toss it back, but no go.  The awesome beauty of those ancient giants kept our wise-cracking to a minimum. However, the talking Paul Bunyan at the entrance to the cheezmoriffic “Trees of Wonder” was another story. As Babes go, his blue companion was quite well-endowed!

Don had a terrific veggie-laden lunch in Arcata at the Daybreak Cafe. Who says we’re not treating the geezer good?  Tomorrow’s a big day, with much art and adventure in Eureka.  Stay tuned!  

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