Sunday, May 21, 2006

5000 miles and not a drop of rain

Ok, that’s not completely true.   We caught a short shower on the way out of Kansas, a bit o’ misting in the Cascades one night, and about five minutes of light rain today (with a great rainbow on the side.)  Are you kidding?  On a two week trip to the Pacific Northwest!  Are we the luckiest weasels ever or what?  Not a single shoot had to be changed due to weather, though Don still wishes we’d waited to do Dick and Jane til the next morning because of that whipping Ellensburg wind.  And of all things, we actually got hot and sweaty a couple days in Washington and Oregon due to record-setting temps.

  Things went wonderfully well, and once again, the trip’s  been a satisfying reminder that creative people and idiosyncratic urges still have a place in this world.  Corporations don’t own everything, and some people don’t wait for committees to make their decisions!  And that’s pretty fun!


After a long day’s drive, Chinese food in Utah, plenty of crappy snacks and bad coffee, we’re back to Denver for the night.  This is the last of the blogging for now, I’m going to bed!  See you on TV...

—RMason for Mike, Don and the Big Ball

Musical highlights--the new Paul Simon, “Gold”--Ryan Adams, Beatles Anthology 1&2, “Shout, Sister, Shout--Tribute to Sister Rosetta Thorpe”

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