Friday, June 19, 2009

Let the Weasels be your travel guides!

(click on images for closer view)

Now you can visit the same places the the guys have been, with this handy fit-in-your-glovebox travel guide. Over 750 listings, tons of photos and a lot of punctuation. Visit KCPT's site to order yours today!


Anonymous said...

I love the show and I really mean no disrespect to Don, but listening to the narration makes me want to jump off the Golden Gate Bridge! Don, please stick to running camera, and producers - please get someone with a decent narration voice - think Hal Riney or someone who sounds like him.

Anonymous said...

something to check out for sure!

larryvillemegs said...

Is the "anonymous" really Randy or Mike just trying to get Don to shut the hell up?...with no disrespect of course.

I love Don personally, he's my hero.
Keep up the super job of multitasking wicked awesome camera work AND narration! Maybe if there was more support from viewers like me a run of the mill narrator could be hired and Don wouldn't be so over worked...i kinda feel sorry for the poor guy.