Thursday, April 17, 2008

aliens been berry berry good to them

OK, the Cover Up Cafe didn't quite make it, and the Alien Shaved Ice Shack hasn't opened for the season yet, but all throughout Roswell it's clear that whether extraterrestrials landed near here in 1947 or not, the local economy wouldn't be the same without them.  There is an "official" UFO Research Center in the old movie house, but it's kinda stuffy and staid.  We wanted souvenirs and silly thrills of the Outer Limits kind, which are best acquired from places like The Alien Zone, which even features dioramas with bug-eyed humanoids suitable for posing.

Scully and Mulder badges.  Check.  Roswell Snow Globe.  Check.   Alien Hot Sauce, Frisbee and Magnets, T-Shirts and Sweatshirts and whew.... let's just say that viewers like you were very generous today in helping us remember our visit.

Call it coincidence, but Roswell also  just happened to be hosting the state's Tourism Conference this week.  And Governor Bill Richardson happened to be staying at the same hotel, just a few doors down from Don.  We always bring guest gloves, so some celebrity guest catch seemed a genuine possibility, but the gov was gone before breakfast.  No pepper, indeed.

The weather took a turn for the worse during our shopping spree, so as we headed north out o' town, the skies were looking gray and foreboding.  Rain with a touch of sleet pelted us several times, and put the notion of more TV today right to bed.  Speaking of beds, we're booked at the storied old Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas (the one in New Mexico, that is) and planning to meet Margaret, a friend of a friend, and get this, an actual purchaser of our book.  Details tomorrow. We've got ghosts to deal with tonight.

Music In the Van -- Starbucks Classic Country compilation, Elko Railroad Earth Live (from Don's nephew)
New Highest Gas Price --  $4.25 (diesel)

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