Thursday, April 10, 2008

the big ball rolls again

Today's the kind of day that yields many miles (523 if you're counting) and no actual TV footage.  That's OK.  We set off from KC in the rain this morning, talking what else, KU basketball and obscure musical facts.  The plan was merely to get familiar with our new HD gear and place ourselves by nightfall in a spot where we could officially begin this sojourn to the southwest in sunshine tomorrow.
That place is Gainesville, Texas, which is where the photo above was snapped.  Gainesville, intrepid viewers may recall, is where we met Glenn Goode, and his frontyard full of Muffler Men some years back.  Glenn also had a Muffler Jackie, whose short skirt he'd modified somewhat in the name of modesty.
Today did yield a small disappointment.  We were expecting a phone call from an MU student reporter who's writing a story about the Big Ball, but alas,  it never came.  Apparently, she's decided, like us, that fact checking is really over-rated!

Music in the van--Van M. "Tupelo Honey",  Allison Krause & Robert Plant "Raising Sand",
John Prine "In Spite of Ourselves" , Richard Thompson "Sweet Warrior",  Rockpile "Seconds of Pleasure"

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