Friday, April 11, 2008

This one's for the best boy

That gleeful guy in the photo is trying to make the point that Nokona, the golden retriever seen in Rare Visions credits as the Best Boy, is nestled in the pocket of Don's Nokona ball glove, at the company's factory in Nocona, Texas.  Pretty heady stuff, huh?  
We actually managed to surprise our favorite shortstop by keeping him busy with the manual on our new HD camera as we approached his leather goods mecca.  We were also a wee bit chilled from some time outdoors at the late Earl Nunnelly's field o' folk art near St. Jo. Earl's gone now, but the giant sunflowers, ladybugs and cacti forged from various implements and autos remain.  As do a great many cow pies as well, which we deftly stepped around to do our important TV work.
Kinda like the task that took us to Wichita Falls. To see and enjoy the World's Littlest Skyscraper--all four stories of it.  Seems that an East Coast scamster sold the Texans a skyscraper back in the 20s for a very good price, so good that it only 

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