Sunday, October 15, 2006

Boats, hold the water

John Taylor is a landscape architect by trade.  He’s also a man who builds boats unlike any we’ve ever seen before.  And it’s not because he loves to sail.  John learned years ago that the ocean was better in theory than reality.  But he does like the shapes, the engineering challenges and the stories they can inspire.

So he crafts one-of-a-kind vessels from scrap wood, computer parts, hockey sticks, lawn chairs and whatever else gives him the “imperfect” results that he meticulously seeks.  “If it’s an exact replica, there’s no room for you to really wonder about it,” he figures.

From his standard issue suburban San Juan Capistrano garage, John gleefully puts his saws to the test, sending bits of circuit boards and old furniture flying through the air.  Do these boats float?  Not likely, he admits. But that’s hardly the point of them, now is it...

John and his korgi Abbey were fabulous hosts, serving coffee and even sharing a “Lost In Space” soundtrack CD with us.  (More talk about what a lame villain Dr. Smith really was.) Afterwards, we headed off for a glimpse of the famous mission where swallows religiously return--only to find it had closed at 5:00.  Some quick catch outside the gates soon led to a lost ball over the wall! Hopefully, a wandering friar can put it to good use...

Music in the van--Elton John “Madman Across the Water”

Don’s found money count--More than $3.00 thanks to a certain unnamed coffee chain!!

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