Tuesday, October 24, 2006

poe-etic justice

It’s hard to put things past someone who’s seen most all your shows.  Poe Dismuke in Bisbee, AZ.(the man up there hiding behind the clock) knew about the Big Ball, playing catch, guberburgers, and well, just about all our checkered past--thanks to someone sending him the tapes last year.  And he still let us visit!

Poe and his wife Sam relocated a few years back to Arizona from Sebastapol, CA where he was among other things, an artist-in-residence at the local dump.  Turns out he pretty much created that position, but it’s still a great credential.  Poe assembles things from junk, some large and metallic , sometimes kinetic, for outside, some like his clocks and toys more suitable for easy indoor use.  He’s big on ducks (as figures, not targets), duct tape and miniature golf.  But as he points out, fun as they are, most of his ideas so far seem to be “money repellent.”  We trust that will change with all this Public Television exposure to come!

We actually met Poe for breakfast at Dot’s Diner, which fed us both cheaply and well, with a stool for the Ball to occupy too. In all, Bisbee was a definite revelation, what with its old mining town charm and tolerance for the offbeat. This TV Weasel recommends a visit.

And this TV Weasel has turned the Ford Freestar northeastward now, heading home with many, many tapes to start turning into shows.  At last count, we’ve put over 12,000 miles on the van (and ourselves) shooting these shows.  Wish us luck (and no tickets)...  

Music in the Van--Frank Sinatra “Fly Me to the Moon”, Neil Young “Unplugged”, Rolling Stones Rarities 1970-2003, Fiona Apple “Extraordinary Machine”

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