Monday, October 23, 2006

trailer valhalla

Sometimes you see something so amazing you just have to have it. In this case, it was a foot long hoagie at the grocery store for $5.99 that could also double as a weapon.  We bought it purely for the visual joy it seemed to bring, and the thought that with enough of these things, world hunger might be manageable after all...

And even though we weren’t planning a picnic, we did have the super sub handy for our visit to the Garden of Gethsemane near downtown Tucson. The garden is a collection of concrete sculptures that Felix Lucero made to pay back God for letting him survive WWI.  The Last Supper’s the biggest, but there’s also a crucifixion, a tomb scene and even a self-portrait that Felix did while he lived and worked “down by the river.”

But Bisbee was our real destination.  The brochure says the little mining town near the Mexican border was once the biggest city between St. Louis and San Francisco.  Hard to believe, but it’s certainly very charming, and has one heck of a big hole (copper mine) nearby.  Naturally, we played a little catch outside said hole, and wouldn’t you know, even pulled out the guest lefty glove so Ron from Colorado could join in too!  

As clouds continued to roll in, we pulled up at the Shady Dell Camp Ground--known for the nine vintage travel trailers in which folks can stay.  There’s teeny little ones, and longer, more swanky versions of the rolling homes that Americans fell in love with back in the 40s and 50s. Wesley, the owner, admits that it might be an easier sell if it was closer to something like Route 66, but then again, the weather takes less of a toll here than it might elsewhere.  And Dot’s Diner, a picture perfect retro eatery next door pretty much seals the deal.  We know where breakfast will be tomorrow!

Music in the Van--Van Morrison “Astral Weeks”, Bob Dylan “Modern Times”, Emmylou Harris Starbucks Artist Choice

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