Sunday, October 22, 2006

Metal for the mind

Cowboy movie star Tom Mix died in his Cord on Highway 79 south of Florence, AZ when his metal suitcase slammed into the back of his head.  We hoped not to meet a smilar fate in our Ford, courtesy of the Big Ball!

Good news.  We made it to Tucson, where Jerry Hall was waiting for us.  Jerry runs a landscaping business, and keeps his own World of Imagination.  That’s what he calls his yard, and all the stuff that he’s packed into it, including a spiral staircase made from water heaters that leads up to his treehouse.

Jerry started with a wild west theme many years ago, but has diversified dramatically.  Metal insects, animals (mythical and otherwise) populate nearly every inch outside, and in the house there’s more made with marbles and tin cans.  Sleep?  He’s trying to do more of it, he says, but you know how it is...

We met up with our old chum Annie Andre and her husband Bill at Jerry’s place, and reconnoitered for snacks and a beer at their fabulous folk art filled home.  Great to catch up and strategize for tomorrow’s trip to Bisbee.  Thanks guys!

Music in the Van--Golden Smog “Weird Tales”, Sean Lennon “Friendly Fire”

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