Wednesday, May 17, 2006

But not broken

After spending the night at the dubiously named Edgewater Inn in Long Beach, Washington, we figured we’d take the town up on the unusual opportunity to drive along its lengthy strand of beach.  There’s even a posted speed limit of 25 mph.  However, no signs tell you that the really soft sand you have to get through first is no friend to minivans.  Next thing you know, it’s tow time!

Then it was play some catch at the World’s Largest Frying Pan time in downtown LB.  This is the 2nd version (still no teflon) which replaced one they actually would use to fry up piles of the clams so prevalent along these shores.  Of course, when that tsunami hits someday. even a big skillet won’t have much of a chance. 

And as the above photo shows, the other big draw here is a sideshow attraction in itself--Jake the Alligator Man. We’ve seen Mermans before, but never one with its own squished penny and merchandise galore.  Jake’s in his case at Marsh’s Free Museum, along with lots of great old coin-op games and novelties, a collection of glass fishing balls and a Love Chair!  Like Maria the owner told us, it’s the kind of free museum where you can spend a lot of money.  Which we did.  Oh, and that being towed from the beach makes you a local....

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