Saturday, May 13, 2006

A Starbucks on every corner

No, we didn’t actually replace Don with a four-year old.  That’s camera guy-in-training Truman, son of Karen Light, owner of Seattle’s Garde Rail Gallery.  Karen’s a southern girl who’s been bringing outsider art to the Northwest.  She called Don a crazybutt at one point, so you gotta like that!

She’s been instrumental;in helping us track down some good local artists to see and shoot around here. And today, we started with Ree Brown at the gallery. He’s a soft-spoken retired accountant, whose small scale paintings are, much to his surprise, finding an eager audience.  His subjects are often African-American, though he’s not.  Ree turned 80 the other day, and is more than willing to share his feelings about the current administration, though not in his work, 

I almost forgot to mention that we stopped in Roslyn on our way in.  It’s the little town 85 miles east of here, where Northern Exposure was filmed back in the day.  Many have visited, but perhaps none have played catch in front of The Brick.  Viva Maggie & Joel, Hollings, Shelly and Ed...

Dinner tonight was Polynesian, pu-pus and all, with a great crusted asi dish for moi and a tasty garlic green bean tofu that made Don quite happy.  As of this writing, no ice cream yet for Mikey. He’s probably getting some now, or at least reading the flavors somewhere near Pike Market. Best of all, our quest for good coffee has taken a most positive turn.

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