Sunday, May 14, 2006

A rocker and a ranter

Mother’s Day was a beaut in Seattle, mid 70s and plenty of sun. But inside the workings of this crazy blog thing, it was more like a meltdown.  I did write eloquently, I swear, about our two Seattle stops, but they got “corrupted” or something.

So now I’ll just do a quick thumbnail sketch of our day.

1) The Walker Rock Garden--a Boeing worker named Milton Walker transformed his sloping backyard with rocks and concrete that have held up incredibly well. Milton Walker’s daughter Sandy turned the fountain on for us, and even let us use her dad’s old wheelbarrow to shuttle the Big Ball back up to the van. 

2) Tim Fowler--here’s a guy who likes to rant.  He’s very good at it, and not just verbally.  Some of the art that adorns his yard in an old neighborhood that’s starting to gentrify has a noticeable bite to it.  He carves wood, works with tile and likes to race motorcycles.  He is, as he puts it, a pre-existing nuisance.

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