Wednesday, May 10, 2006

spuds make the world go round

When a day starts with a guy in a coffee truck giving you free stuff, you know it’s gonna be OK.  Not actual coffee unfortunately, but cool travel mugs from a local distributor.  We filled them up twenty miles away at Martha’s Cafe in Blackfoot, which advertises itself with a Muffler Jackie retrofitted to carry a plate of fries.  The girls inside asked if we shot up her skirt, which of course we didn’t.  This encounter marked our first time to hear the term “choneys.”  

Blackfoot is also the home of the World Potato Expo, complete with Guinness Book record-holding chips, a burlap tuxedo and a Dan Quayle spelling exhibit.  All in a great old train station with a big tater outside.  Much memoribilia was removed from the premises--once they got the credit card machine to work.

We also hit Arco, the country’s first town to be lit by nuclear energy.  We ate an Atomic Burger.  And there’s a mountain outside town, where high school classes have daringly written their graduation year each year since 1920.  We also played our first catch of the trip in the shadow of a nuclear sub conning tower in a small city park.  Dan Quisenberry, our all-time favorite submariner, was foremost in our minds the whole time.

Most of the day was spent driving, past the lava strewn Craters of the Moon region, where some serious road construction prompted Don to try a little roadside comedy on the captive audience... and then eventually on to the spectacular Shoshone Falls on the Snake River  We thought they said Viagra of the West, but all that rushing water must have confused us!!

Musical highlights -- “Tumbleweed Connection”--Elton John, “Spike”--Elvis Costello, The Little Willies, “This Perfect World”- Freedy Johnston.

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