Saturday, May 20, 2006

On the farm (s) with rasmus and gene

That would be the Petersen Rock Gardens pictured above--the 17 year masterwork of a Danish farmer named Rasmus Peterson a few miles outside Redmond, OR.  In some respects very similar to other rock gardens we’ve seen, but spread out liberally around his acreage, and even out into the parking lot!  His granddaughter Sue runs the place now, with help from her husband George (he does the repairs) and a flock of n very noisy peacocks.  Lots of water involved here too, with bridges and walkways, pools and falls.  Years ago they sold Viewmaster slides in the gift shop, but alas, no more...

The other “agricultural” site is a few miles closer to Bend--the Funny Farm.  Gene, the owner, sells antiques and collectables (Don bought a Supremes album and Alaska commemorative plate) in a ramshackle shop with a giant Yellow Sub totem outside.  There’s an Agitator Wall, a Bowling Ball Garden, the Love Pond, and plenty of homage to the Wizard of Oz sprinkled around the grounds. His rainbow job on the barn roof caused quite a stir at first, but in that case at least, Gene fought the law, and the fun won!

We toasted our final day of shooting with another round at Starbucks, bought the new Eric Clapton CD and a NY Times and started heading for home. 

Musical highlights--The Best of John Hiatt, Nnenna Freelon’s Bille Holiday Tribute,“Transcendental Blues”--Steve Earle, John Hartford Live

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