Sunday, May 7, 2006

off we go

This photo was snapped by Don the Camera Guy’s lovely wife Tressa at 8:47 a.m.  Don proceeded to say goodbye to her and trusty dog Nokona (once again the Best Boy) and climb into our brand new rented Ford Freestar (thanks Jake at Avis!)for the nothing but driving portion of the show.  Well, we stopped and ate in Russell,KS where we encountered RVRR fans John & Judy in the next booth.  They actually knew what time the show runs on their Bunker Hill PBS affiliate, and John claims he even complained once when they took it off for awhile. Wow!!

Other than that, we purchased Kansas shot glasses. had my AMEX card declined, and learned that Don has a new line for fans who catch him off guard--”Sometimes I forget I’m me.”  The jury’s out on that one.  Then much more driving, a little rain, homemade cookies (thanks Kelly) and eventually the charming old Colorado mining community, Georgetown. We had a nice meal and in my case, the nagging sensation that I’d been there before--with these guys.  Which apparently I haven’t.  We figure that someday when we’re all in the nursing home we’ll pretty much attribute everything that ever happened to us to this show! 

Music highlights-the new Springsteen Seeger sessions, some old 78s from Don’s collection, Shelby Lynne,Amazing Rhythm Aces and the Elders Live At the Gem. 

Sixteen hours after we started, our Comfort Inn for the night in Fruita, CO welcomes us with open arms... and we head for bed at 11 or so, knowing it’s Moab in the morning.

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